October is ACES and Resilience Awareness month.  It is a time when we acknowledge the pain that many of our youth (and all generations) deal with.  Life can often seem bleak and hopeless.

The Hard Facts About Teenage Isolation

  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers. 18.3% of our high school sophomores reported considering suicide in the last 12 months. 14.1% made a plan. 7.5% attempted one or more times.
  • 31% of our sophomores claimed they felt so sad or hopeless almost every day for two weeks or more in a row that they stopped doing usual activities.
  • When asked if they have an adult to turn to when they feel sad or hopeless, over 51% of high school sophomores answered “no” or “not sure.”
  • 63% of students say they feel alone in their lives.
bgmc-flower-only-rgb-224x224  Learn more through Connect Battle Ground at connectbg.org 

 The churches of Battle Ground are on a unified mission.

There is hope!  CrossWay Church is participating with 5 other churches in our community to do our part and provide the spiritual answer to isolation.   Each church will cover the following topics in our own unique way.

Sermon Audio Files and Resources: 

If you missed a week, don’t worry you can download the individual sermons here. Just click on the sermons files below to open up the MP3 file or right click on it to save it to your computer.

The churches of Battle Ground are on a unified mission. There is hope! CrossWay Church is participating with 5 other churches in our community to do our part and provide…

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