We all love a good story.  We may have a preferred medium to engage with stories (a good book or film).  We love to be brought into another world; to see life from another perspective; or to be strung along until the end for the mystery to finally be solved.

Parables are stories with a purpose to teach an important lesson.  Jesus was a masterful story teller.  He would often craft a story in such a way to draw the crowd in and catch their attention and then shock them by a surprise ending.  Jesus used parables to instruct His disciples about God and his kingdom and how they should love.

Starting on Easter 2019, CrossWay will spend 8 weeks looking at different parables Jesus told and see how they apply to our lives.  Please join us for this series in April and May 2019!

Sermon Audio Files and Resources: 

If you missed a week, don’t worry you can download the individual sermons here. Just click on the sermons files below to open up the MP3 file or right click on it to save it to your computer.

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