CrossWay Reimbursement Policy and Form

CrossWay Church has created the following reimbursement system.   We understand that this may create a bit more work for those turning in receipts. These rules are created to guard against misconduct.  They also help us track expenses and ensure proper oversight over expenditures.

General Rules:

  • All purchases need prior approval from the the budget category director (Director names are listed on the form.).
  • All expenditures over $250 or above the allocated yearly budget will also require deacon approval.
  • Receipts should be turned in within 30 days but no later than 60 days.  This ensures we have an accurate handle on our expenditures.
  • All reimbursements are handled through by filling out a reimbursement form and submitting it to the treasurer.
Click here to download our reimbursement form!
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