Exodus: A Journey of Redemption (Part 18)
September 27, 2015

Exodus: A Journey of Redemption (Part 18)

Passage: Exodus 18:13-27
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The book of Exodus tracks God’s plan of redemption through the people of Israel as He calls them out of slavery, delivers them from the hand of Pharaoh, and sets them apart to be His chosen people and into his life giving presence.

You may wonder what does the book of Exodus have to do with me?  What we find is that the book of Exodus teaches us quite a bit about God and us.  We are God’s people, saved from bondage and death by the mighty hand of God through Jesus Christ.  God saves us so that we will glorify Him in all that we do!

Join us for this sermon series as we study the book of Exodus and explore what it means to be a people saved for God’s glory.

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