Bird Feeder and Nut Crafts July 25


Pine Cone Bird Feeders (Peanut Free):

The Barnyard is back at the Salmon Creek Farmers Market this week!  We are making pinecone bird feeders. You can hang them in your backyard (in the shade) to feed your feathered friends.  If your kids have peanut allergies, don’t worry.  Our crafts is peanut free!


Other Crafts You Can Do At Home!

This week’s theme: Crafting With Nuts!

Nut Crafts Acorn Animals: Learn how to make a variety of different animals from acorns!

Chestnut Pencil Toppers: School is just around the corner.  Learn how to make these pencil toppers from chestnuts.

Walnut Babies: Make babies from wood plugs and walnuts!

Walnut Mice: Make these furry little creatures from walnuts!

Walnut Boats: Create these cool boats from toothpicks, paper, wax and walnuts!

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