Fingerprint Crafts August 8


Finger Print Tree Art!

The Barnyard is back at the Salmon Creek Farmers Market this week!  We are making finger print tree art.  We will have multiple tree designs to choose from.  You will create your masterpiece with fingerprint leaves using washable ink pads.  Don’t worry, we will provide baby wipes to help clean up before you leave.


Other Crafts You Can Do At Home!

This week’s theme: Finger Print Crafts!


Fishbowl: Learn how to make this fishbowl from fingerprints.  This page contains a ton of other great fingerprint and handprint crafts too!

Animals & Faces: Learn how to make fingerprint bees, birds caterpillars and faces on this site!

Christmas Cards: Learn how to make individualized Christmas cards (with snowmen, rain deers and .

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