September 5: Bring the outdoors inside!


Come make Paper Lanterns at the Barnyard this week!.

We are making custom paper lanterns at the Barnyard this week! Your kids can choose their own color paper and decorate it with their own art work or stamps!


A big thanks to all who donated school supplies to our drive. We dropped off the supplies to the Chinook and Salmon Creek Elementary offices today. If you know students who need supplies, have them stop by the office today and get them!

Other Crafts You Can Do At Home!

This week’s theme: Bring the outdoors indoors!


Twig Candle Holder: Learn how to make your twig candleholder.

Twig Picture Frame: Make your own picture frames from sticks.

Colored Stick Letters: Decorate your room and spell your name with these custom letter made from twigs from the backyard.

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