In our fast-paced world, it often feels like there is too much to do it too little time, energy or money to accomplish them. We can often feel overwhelmed and frustrated.  What we do in this situation with our limited resources often reveals our true priorities because we tend to focus on the tasks that really matter.  

The prophet Haggai spoke to God’s people in similar situation.  The Jewish people were allowed to return from captivity to their native land.  They were tasked with rebuilding God’s temple.  Unfortunately, life got hard and they slowly abandoned this work and focused on their own priorities.

Haggai was set by God to help the people refocus on what really matter.  He reminds them that their top priority should building the kingdom of God.  This truth doesn’t just apply to the people back then.  Believer need this same encouragement today  Please join us in our study of the prophet Haggai in the beginning of 2019!

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