Life is hard and it can often feel overwhelming!

We can feel  busy, tired, stressed out, and stretched to the limit.   We can feel like we are being pulled in every direction-family, work, children, finances and relationships.  We are running long on “to do’s” and short on time.

When life  feels this way, you need true wisdom to find balance.  Unfortunately this is hard to find!

The world overflows with information, data and knowledge, but you find precious little wisdom. Wisdom is what you desperately need when faced with a challenge at work, with your finances, a problem at home with your kids or in your marriage, a conflict with friends or a crisis within yourself.

However, there is hope!  Learn about this wisdom in our 9 week series Making Life Work!

The book of Proverbs was written to help us learn and understand godly wisdom.  It helps us see clearly the consequences of different courses of action and to point us in the direction God desires for us to live.  Each week,CrossWay Church will explore what the book of Proverbs teaches on individual topics that are important to you -work, family, friends, relationships, money, time (priorities), faith, etc.!

Sermon Audio Files and Resources:  

If you missed a week, don’t worry you can download the individual sermons here.  Just click on the sermons files below to open up the MP3 file or right click on it to save it to your computer.  We have also listed different books that we recommend for further learning on some of the individual topics.

Week 1 (September 29): Wisdom

Sermon: What is wisdom? Why is it important? (Proverbs 8) 

Week 2 (October 6): Growing in Wisdom

Sermon: How do we grow in wisdom? (Proverbs 3)

Week 3 (October 13): Time

Sermon: How can we be wise with our time? (Proverbs 6:6-11 and Proverbs 24:27-34)

Recommended Books On Time:

Week 4 (October 20): Self Control

Sermon: How self control leads to wisdom. (Proverbs 18:10-11, 23:9-21, 25:28.)

Recommended Resources On Self Control:

Week 5 (October 27): Friendship

Sermon: How can we be wise with friends?

Recommended Books On Friendship:

Week 6 (November 3): Dealing With Relational Conflict

Sermon: How to deal with relational conflict?

Recommended Books On Forgiveness and Relational Conflict:

Week 7 (November 10): Criticism & Correction

Sermon: How to handle criticism and correction wisely?

Recommended Books On Criticism and Correction:

Week 8 (November 17): Work

Sermon: How to work wisely! (Sorry this sermon was not recorded due to technical difficulties.)

Recommended Books On Work:

Week 9 (November 24): Our Words

Sermon: How to speak wisely!

Recommended Books On Speaking Wisely:


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