Psalms of Lent 2013



Some have suggested that Jesus is more obvious in the New Testament than the Old Testament. That’s not true if we will take the time to study the Old Testament.

Jesus Himself loved the writings of old and often quoted those scriptures in His daily life. At key moments in His life, He often turned to the Psalms for words to express His deepest thoughts and emotions. Many of those psalms point clearly to him.

This Lent series studies some of those Psalms. Allow the truths that are found in them remind you of what a wonderful Savior we have in Jesus. Join us this Sunday and learn how even the Psalms point to Jesus!

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Psalm 8 by Kyle McMullen

Psalm 22 by Brad Vos

Psalm 23 by Brad Vos

Psalm 24 by Brad Vos

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