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About CrossWay

CrossWay Church is a Christian Church that seeks to celebrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in both our words and our deeds. We are a committed group of people who strive to create a family atmosphere where people from different faith backgrounds and walks of life can attend and feel like they belong. Our hope is that you can learn to experience life through the lens of God’s Amazing Grace.

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CrossWay Church in Battle Ground, WA believes a church should be a group of people who do life together. We want to help each other walk through life with the joyful support that we were created to have.

We think a church should be a place where you can be yourself and build deeper relationships with others.

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We live in an instant society. We place high value on things that can be done or acquired in the quickest and most efficient way.  We think thing that a smooth and easy life will make us happy.   When it doesn’t, we can get impatient and frustrated.  We can also buy into the myth that “True happiness comes from within.”

But what if this is wrong? What if true joy doesn’t come from within, or from a smooth and easy life?  What if true joy come from without from without? What if it comes from God himself?

Why We Worship:

Crossway Church loves to worship. We love to sing with all our hearts. However, we don’t just like to sing songs with catchy tunes. Rather, we strive to sing songs that remind us of the powerful work Christ did on our behalf. We try to choose songs that are strong both musically and lyrically.


How We Worship:

A simple team leads worship each week at CrossWay Church.  Most often, our band is lead by an acoustic guitar.   Our worship is vibrant.  We sing a mix of contemporary songs and our favorite hymns.

Our worship service usually last about an hour and fifteen minutes.  Our services have upbeat moments and times of reflection.  We usually preach for about 30 minutes.

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Understanding God’s Grace