Faith That Works (Part 11): Fighting a Critical Spirit
March 8, 2015

Faith That Works (Part 11): Fighting a Critical Spirit

Passage: James 4:11-12
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Note: Due to technical difficulties, the introduction to this sermon was not recorded. We apologize for the error.

Why The Book of James is Important to Christians Today

From the first to the last verse of the book of James, God gives us a very practical pictures of the Christian faith and how doing good things relates to God’s grace . Written to a people who were scattered and suffering, James speaks very frankly about how to suffer well.

James explores the impact of our faith on life in this city and in this world. He addresses many practical issues: trials, poverty, riches, materialism, favoritism, social justice, the tongue, worldliness, boasting, making plans, praying, and what to do when we’re sick, among other things.

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