The Barnyard


No Barnyard this week!

But we will be back next week with a FREE BOUNCE HOUSE!

Make your own Playdough at home this week!

Make your own playdough at home this week!

Make your own playdough at home this week!

Come and support BizKids, a program which encourages young entrepreneurs to make and sell their own homemade products!

Other Crafts You Can Do At Home!

This week’s theme: Make it, mold it!

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What is The Barnyard: Family Fun Zone?

CrossWay Church hosts the kid’s tent at Salmon Creek Farmer’s Market every summer! The Barnyard: Family Fun Zone includes:

  • A craft station with a different craft every other week focused on a farmer’s market theme.
  • Some weeks we provide a bounce house or other fun activities.
  • We also post great craft ideas online that you can do with your family each week!

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